It’s drafting time


On June 21, 2018, the draft began in Brooklyn, New York, giving college students a chance to be in the big leagues.

The draft had requirements for college students to be competent for being part of any National Basketball Association (NBA) team. NBA regulation staff strictly states that players must be 19 years or older during the calendar year of the draft. It also requires basketball legibility along with severe focus in and outside of any game.

The 2018 NBA draft didn’t quite have the level of unpredictability. It seemed to promise in the hours leading up to the first pick, but the league’s annual selection show still should’ve had ragging excitement.       

For Sacramento, the Kings general manager has selected the second-overall pick in the NBA draft, Duke forward Marvin Bagley. He has an impressive size (6”11’, 234 pounds) and jump height (40 ½ inches). Hopefully, his aggressiveness, skill, and love for the game will give the Kings a chance for being on the top.

“I’m always willing to play or give it my all on the court, man,” said Bagley after receiving news that he was a genuine Kings player.               

The Sacramento Kings are one of the league’s lowest franchises, not making it into the playoffs since 2006. But Marvin, despite the losing streak of the kings, was willing to play for  Sacramento anyway.

“I can’t wait to get out there,” said Bagley. “Get settled in and get to work!”