Relax, Sit Back, and Ease into Jesuit

This year, Jesuit High School has introduced a new group whose sole purpose is to welcome Freshmen to the school and it’s community. The Freshman Welcome Team, which is comprised of a group of teachers and Seniors, design ways to help new students transition to Jesuit with ease.

The purpose of Jesuit’s Freshman Welcoming Program is to help Freshmen transition to high school life, especially to life in a Jesuit educational environment,” said Biology Teacher and member of the Freshmen Welcome Committee Mrs. Bianca Beck. “Our hope is to be a voice in the conversation as our first year students try to find their place in our community. All activities and events are about helping Freshmen feel supported and cared for by every member of the Jesuit family.”

The committee is made up of Mrs. Beck, Mr. Michael Solander ‘92, Mrs. Sarah Kelso, and  Faculty Advisor for The Plank, Mr. Nick Luppino ‘98. The committee as well as additional Faculty and Senior volunteers have joined together to find ways welcome Freshmen.

We want the newest members of our Jesuit community to feel welcome and included here, to learn what Jesuit is all about, to build great friendships, and to make the most of their first year on campus,” said Assistant Principal for Instruction and Student Life Mr. Tim Caslin. “Ultimately, we want every student on this campus to feel safe, included, and happy at Jesuit.”

The Senior volunteers help ensure planned activities for the Freshman are not only fun, but also help them make relationships and build the Jesuit community.

“Currently, Senior volunteers serve as Senior Captains for the Freshmen Welcome Teams,” said Mrs. Beck. “They offer experience and support to help navigate the challenges of the Freshmen year transition.”

The Freshmen Welcoming Program hopes to help Freshmen transition into the community and will ensure that the traditions of the school will continue to be passed down year after year.