Beginning of Brotherhood

On Saturday, August 26th, 2017,  the Jesuit High School Class of 2021 embarked upon their journey by participating in the Freshman Overnight. This year marks the 29th Annual Freshmen Overnight, a crucial part of the Freshman experience. Led by their Senior Big Brothers, Freshmen began their high school adventure.

“The Big Brother program is important because it really shows how much people care for one another,” said Luke Moreno ‘18. “We all decided to be big brothers because we wanted to make the freshman feel at home.”

Until this point, the Freshmen had heard of the brotherhood at Jesuit, but had yet to experience it in all of its glory. The overnight exposed them to this central aspect of Marauder Life.

“I learned that there is a lot more school spirit here than other schools,” said Tim Canalas ‘21. “There is a great relationship between Big Brothers and Freshman.”

On retreat, Big Brothers are asked to offer advice to their Little Brothers on how to have the most successful freshman year. This advice comes from accumulated knowledge from throughout their years at the school.

“Know that friendship means being yourself and not acting like someone else to fit in,” said Cole Baer ‘18.

The Junior Ground Crew also played a big role in this event.  The Overnight acts as good preparation for them for next year, when these same Juniors will be Big Brothers. Colin Brannan ‘19 aims to help the next year’s Freshmen when he will be a Senior, and he referred to this year’s big brothers as examples.

“I was inspired by the eloquence of this year’s Big Brothers in teaching the Freshman the ways of Jesuit,” Colin said. “I would like to recreate that special experience for [the Class of 2022].”

The experience of the Jesuit Class of 2021 on their overnight introduced them to Jesuit, helping prepare our newest Marauders to thrive.