Don’t just sit there! Belly flop!


Anthony Trolio ’19 participate in the belly flop competition during Spirit Week.

It all started when I was a youngin’ in the seventh grade, and I decided to come to Jesuit High School. I wanted to be a Marauder because I overheard tales of the extravagant belly flop contest. It became my dream to participate as soon as I heard about the glorious event.

I started to practice over and over again for my moment. It truly was the most stressful time knowing I had to please the hard to please belly flop judges: Mr. Mike Solander, Dean Tim Kelly, and Mrs. Leah Heine.

I approached the block confidently, yet fear was pounding in my chest, and my mind went blank. I started to contemplate everything I ever knew. When I reached the top of the block, I heard my friends yelling “LET’S GO!”and then everything just went silent; I jumped.

As I flew through the air, I started to ask myself, “WHY? WHY? WHY?” The water neared my body; I tensed, braced for impact. The Slap. I prevailed through the pain as my legs scorpioned over my head.

The stinging yet odd sensation was exhilarating. The adrenaline wiped out most of the pain until I exited the water.

When I emerged from the water, someone asked “Was it worth it?” and my response: “pain is momentary, but glory is forever.”

The sense of pride I got when I looked at the judges and saw I scored a sixteen was easily one of the best moments of my life.

I am so doing it again.