Funding student activities


One of Jesuit High School’s most important school fundraisers is the annual Warren Student Magazine Sale. Although the selling system may seem complicated at first, the fundraiser is a crucial event to help Jesuit’s student body.

In past years, Mr. Ted Hornback ‘83 has been the director for the magazine sale. This year, however, Dean Tim Kelly has stepped up to become the new Director. The sale is important to help raise money for student activities.

“The magazine sale is the primary source of funding for all clubs and activities on our campus,” Dean Kelly said. “Our student activities program is one of the things that separates us from other schools.”

The easiest way to sell magazines is to start by asking those you know, but as your ambition for prizes increases, reaching out to the community can be very fruitful.

“Start with family and friends, and then, if you’re really ambitious, you can try businesses and doctor’s offices,” said Dean Kelly.

Dean Kelly plans on growing the fundraiser this year’s sale by adding cookie dough to the menu of buying options.

“We are trying to revive the sale. Part of how we are doing that is through offering cookie dough,” said Dean Kelly.

The Warren Student Magazine Sale has been part of this school for many years. The income we get from this fundraiser is crucial to the direction our school year goes. So, get selling Marauders.