Editorial: Sound of Silence

This Tuesday, October 18th, is a unique day with big meaning for a handful of students at Jesuit High School.

These students will be alienating themselves from normal school life in a peculiar way: committing to not using their voices for the entire school day in solidarity with the many children who have had their own voices denied them through abortion.

“We are silent to show our support for the unborn, who never had a chance to speak,” said Emmanuel Simon ‘17, Co-Leader of Jesuit’s Students for Life Club.

Emmanuel and other students at Jesuit are joining with youths from across the country to peacefully draw attention to the topic of abortion, in a silent protest. Pro-life clubs from Saint Francis High School and Rio Americano High School will also be participating.

“[The day] gives us a chance to acknowledge the lives that never had a chance, and the preciousness of life,” said Emmanuel.

The Students for Life Club will also be taking part in Chalk Day in late October, teaming up with the club at Saint Francis to cover the sidewalks at both schools with peaceful pro-life messages for the students to see the following day.

“I hope [students] see that we are doing this because we care,” said Emmanuel. “Hopefully they will see the love we share for the unborn, and want to share in that.”

Through the two events, the students hope to help other students understand the nature of the fight they are engaged in, using peace and solidarity to initiate conversations about their cause.

Jesuit’s Students for Life Club invites all Marauders to join the conversation. The club meets on Wednesdays at lunch in Jogues 104.