Life long passion

The first year of teaching Jesuit High School choir, last year, was a new experience for Mr. Rex Rallanka ’96, Director of Chamber Choir, but he is looking forward to what the the future holds.

Participating in choirs in high school and then majoring as a pipe organist at Notre Dame ‘00,  Mr. Rallanka has been performing or teaching music for most of his life.

Starting in 2005, Mr. Rallanka began to play the organ and direct the choir at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. He continues to work as the Music Director for the Cathedral Choir, a semi-professional choir of approximately 35 singers. Mr. Rallanka also plays the organ at the Cathedral for five weekend masses, as well as providing music for around seventy five weddings that happen throughout the year.

” I am used to working with adult voices. It’s a new experience working with younger voices,” Mr. Rallanka said. Mr. Rallanka enjoys the challenges of working with young men, and  looks forward to hearing the choir develop over the coming year.

Mr. Rallanka and the Jesuit Chamber Choir were very excited to be the first group to perform in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs located on the Jesuit campus. The Chamber Choir provided music for the dedication of the chapel, and is excited to  to perform there again for the annual Lessons and Carols prayer service, held each Advent. Mr. Rallanka believes the chapel will be a great place for the choir to sing.

​Mr. Rallanka is also looking forward to the many performances that the choir will be participating in this year, including “Lessons and Carols” this winter and “Tenebrae” in the spring. The Liturgy Workshop will also be  performing with the Saint Francis Choir at the Mass of Remembrance and at the Christmas concerts.

If Mr. Rallanka had to do something differently last year, he said he would have rehearsed harder. For this coming year, the Jesuit Chamber Choir has been rehearsing hard as they prepare for the several performances that they will have over the course of the school year. Mr. Rallanka is excited to direct the choir for all of their upcoming performances.