Why Holy Bowl?

Holy Bowl, the biggest annual sporting event between Jesuit High School and Christian Brothers High School, can seem a bit intimidating for Freshmen; however, Holy Bowl is a great way to socialize, meet new people and get involved.

Attendees do not have to enjoy football to have fun at Holy Bowl. If one is just looking for a way to meet new friends and support his school, Holy Bowl is still a great event to attend.

I was able to meet tons of friends and have a good time,” said Senior Class President Jack Palmer ‘17. “It is by far one of my best experiences from high school. If I had not gone Freshman year, I am unsure if I would have the same amount of friends as I do.”

Holy Bowl is also a great way to get involved in the Galley Crew. With constant high energy throughout the whole cheering section, Holy Bowl has one of the most exciting Galley Crews of the year. 

During my Freshman year Holy Bowl, I wasn’t nearly as involved in the cheering section as I am now,” said cheerleader Aiden Hayes ‘17. “One of my main regrets from Freshman year is not participating in the Galley Crew. Overall, Holy Bowl was and is the greatest experience of the entire year.”

With Holy Bowl being such a huge event, students from other schools will be attending, especially St. Francis High School. Homecoming is coming up pretty soon, so the event is a great way to go out and meet girls.

It’s great for both Saint Francis and Jesuit because it’s a perfect chance to find a homecoming date,” Aiden said. “Whether you believe it or not, most Saint Francis girls attend these events to look for a date.”

Holy Bowl is this Saturday, with Varsity kickoff at 7 pm.  It is a packed event with a lot of opportunity to have fun and meet people, which is why every Jesuit student should attend.