Jesuit’s annual Mother-Son Mass

Sunday morning, October 25, marked the date of Jesuit High School’s Mother Son Mass and Reception. The Mother Son Mass is a service that embraces the bond between mothers and their sons.

“This mass is a celebration of love between mothers and sons, both those [pairs] present in the gym on Sunday morning and mothers and sons everywhere,” said Mrs. Annie Crew-Renzo, Jesuit’s Director of Liturgy.

The mass progresses like a regular school liturgy, except the biblical readings and homily reflect the love shared between son and mother.

After the mass, a reception with food and drinks followed in the Harris Center.

This event is one of several religious services that Jesuit hosts to connect young men with their families on a corporeal and spiritual level.

“Thankfully, there is a Father/Son mass in the spring so all family members are included in prayer a Jesuit High school,” Mrs. Crew-Renzo said.

Mothers and sons are not the only ones that bond at the event-all attendees had a chance to interact.

“It was a fun event,” said Sam Kreifels ‘17, reflecting on his experience at the mass.”My mom got to meet and connect with other parents at Jesuit.”

Spiritual events like these create new bonds and strengthen old ones. These bonds will be carried by young men and their mothers beyond the mass to everyday life.