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Welcome to The Plank

Welcome Back, Marauders!

This marks the second year that the Plank operates by print and by internet.  This year, we have a fresh team with fresh visions and big ideas.  Starting in October, you can look forward to monthly newsletters delivered straight from the printing press to the classroom, in addition to regular updates of our website with coverage on all things Jesuit.

Coming out of last year, there are a few things that we hope to improve upon.  We’re doing lots of stuff behind the scenes to ramp up article production and improve our overall standards of quality and consistency. Organizing our monthly print editions has put a slight pause to progress, but we are ready to charge headfirst into the rest of the year.  We hope our efforts translate directly into your reading enjoyment.

Also for your enjoyment, we want to bring in more fun.  We debated long and hard as to how to balance serious news coverage and “lighter” stories.  As a result of these magical meetings, we decided to increase the content in our blogs sections.  From polls to opinion columns to reviews, the possibilities for growth are endless.  As the year goes on, look forward to more engaging content not only in our Blogs section, but all over.

I would like to thank you for readership, whether you are a Marauder of the past, present, or future.  Without readership, our work, as much as we enjoy it, would be meaningless.  Here’s to a great year of growth and general Jesuit awesomeness.


Riley Spieler,

Editor in Chief