Jetpack Joyride Review


Chazz Ortiz and Cainan Ortiz

We like jetpack joyride because you are in a jet pack and you are flying through different kinds of obstacles that are challenging. To fly, you hold down the screen with your finger. If you let go, you go down. The goal of the game is to get a lot of coins so you can get cooler stuff like gadgets, jetpacks and outfits to look like a clown or a ninja at the shop.

Sometimes you can play as sam. When playing with sam, you don’t have to worry about the other traps. Except for the missiles that are coming at you really fast. And you have to dodge all of them or else  you die.  Sam is a robot machine.   He will collect all the coins for you. If you are lucky and dodge all of the missiles you can use him. When you activate Sam, a lot of missiles are coming at you and you have to hit them out of the screen. Sam does not have to go through the traps.

We like jetpack joyride because it is a challenge going through traps. It tests how fast you can tap the screen. To do well, you have to move your hands quickly, think fast and have good eyesight.

On the app store, the game has a 5 star rating.