Why I love Imagine Dragons

Sam Oliver, Academics Plus

Imagine dragons is an American rock band formed in LA. There are known mainly for these songs: “Believer,” “Radioactive,” and I Don’t Know Why.” The band formed in 2008 and skyrocketed ever since then.

My favorite part about them is that every song they have made is different. They have released a total of three albums: “Evolve”, “Night Visions,” “Smoke and Mirrors.” So far 6 of the band’s songs have reached the number one spot in favorite rock songs in a matter of hours after release.

“We don’t want to be a cliché band,” Dan Reynolds said, the Swedish lead singer. “We don’t want to restrict ourselves to one genre. We don’t want people to remember us from the genre. We want to let people call our songs as Imagine Dragons’ type songs. So in pursuit of that, we push the boundaries of every genre and try to mix them.”

The drummer’s name is Daniel Platzman.  The name of the people who play bass are Wayne Sermon and Ben Mckee.

One thing that’s really special about Imagine Dragons is that they have 2 people playing bass and not many bands have that. The role of bassist is crucial because if someone makes a mistake the bassist covers it and no one notices, but if the bassists make a mistake everyone will notice.

They call themselves an “alternative rock band” This band plays a real wide range of songs. They have song named “Yesterday” which sounds like a western song. They have a song called “Believer” which is a hard rock song. Another song named “Dancing In The Dark” which is a romance song.  They way they use multiple genres to make multiple songs is mainly what makes them a great band.