Who makes the best ORV?

Matt Aranda and Luke Snider

A lot of ORV riders are talking about who makes the best ORV. However nobody’s really sure. It all depends on what kind of trail you’re riding on. If you’re riding on a skinny trail you are going to be sorry if you have a big hunk vehicle. You’re going to need a smaller vehicle. But if you’re on a open wide trail, you can ride whatever.

If you’re talking dirt bike, you’re going to want to get something with a good motor that will get you where you want to go. You want a motor that will not stall out on you when you’re going up a hill. It also has to be durable. You want shocks that will make your ride smooth and nice.

What you want is a KTM. A KTM has two wheels. They have a stable motor and nice shocks that absorb all of the rocks and bumps that you go over. They have durable parts and some of the toughest tires. 

When you’re on an open trail, you want to take advantage of how wide your vehicle is. You want to get something with a good motor that won’t stall and has good shocks that will make your ride smooth. And you also want to get something wide enough so that it wont roll.

What you want to get is a Polaris. Polaris is an industry that makes wide ORV’s that have four wheels, and are meant to go off road. They are meant to make your rides better and more fun.

Obviously, there are a lot of good ORV’s. But there are some that stand out better than others. If you’re riding on a skinny trail you’re going to want to go to with the KTM. If you’re riding on a wide trail you’re going to go with the Polaris.  You should get one of these if you’re looking for the best thing for you.               

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