All-Star snoozefest 2017

Trevor Carry and Alex Carnefix

Most All-Star Games are somewhat exciting, but this year’s All-Star Game was a complete snoozefest. First of all, All-Star Games are supposed to be high scoring. This year’s game had a total of three runs. two of the runs came off homers and the other run came off a bad play by the first baseman and right fielder. All-Star games in the past have always been fun to watch, with at least one team scoring four or five runs and a lot of hits. This year was an exception.

The home run derby winner, Aaron Judge, went 0-3. This just added to the snoozefest, as everybody was expecting some big home run or something good. Instead, in his first at-bat he struck out with man on first, setting up a bad day. Giancarlo Stanton, Miami’s best hitter, was 0-3 as well. Miami hosted the All-Star Game, so a lot of the fans were hoping Stanton would have a big day. But, he didn’t.

Most people don’t like all-star game pitching duels–a low scoring game with little hits and lots of easy defensive plays and strikeouts. During this year’s game, there were lots of easy defensive plays and more strikeouts than hits: 23-17.

The game got a little exciting when Robinson Cano hit a solo homer to give the American League the lead, but it was a little too late. In the bottom of the 10th, the National League got a baserunner with two outs, showing that there might be a walk-off, but the next hitter then struck out to end the game and that was that.

One thing I think they can do to improve the All-Star Game is to bring less pitchers. For instance, instead of having 10 pitchers per league, have six or seven per league.