Google doodle spotlight

Raymond Quigley, Academics Plus


The Google Pacman game is very similar to the classic arcade game. It is very entertaining, and great for time-killing. It features the maze in the shape of the Google logo.

Google Snake

Google snake was originally created for Chinese New Year. The object of the game is to collect food to collect points before the timer runs out and increases speed for a period of time. You can collect the g, o, g, l, and e letters in order. After google is collected a large amount of larger (in size) food, which are each worth 10 points.

Google Underwater

Google underwater is a search terminal. It allows you to create waves, by clicking, to move the words, buttons, search bar, and logo around. The search bar and buttons however are still fully functional and can be used.

Google Terminal

Google terminal is more of a theme than entertainment. Terminal features the google logo, the buttons, and the search bar in the form of code. All of which are still useable.

Google Guitar

Google guitar features the google logo as a guitar and when a chord is clicked on or tapped, it plays a note.