Taking a look at .io games

Hey guys, its your favorite academic plus bloggers here. Today, we are going to take a look at .io games!


  Diep.io is a multiplayer two-dimensional platform shooter. It begins with a screen that gives you the option to choose your name and what game mode. There are multiple game modes such as two teams battle, Domination, 4 teams battle, and free for all. It is addictive and fun for all ages. There are different types of tanks you can upgrade to as you eliminate others. You start off as a normal tank. To upgrade your tank you shoot shapes and other players to gain experience. As you level up, you can upgrade your tank’s abilities by boosting movement speed, bullet damage, and many other kinds of boosts.


  In Narwhale.io you are a narwal and you go around shish-kabob other players. Over time and more shish-kabing others, you narwal gets better and better. As you get better your tusk starts to get more decorated. First you get a crown which then turns into a english gentlemen outfit.


  Is a game where you are a snake and you try to eliminate people. When you go in for a kill, you have to let them run into one part of your body that is not your head. If they do that then they will become a blob of orbs that you can pick up to gain more mass. The more mass you have the bigger you become.

There is a Sprint mode, if you left click then you will start sprinting but it does use up some of your mass. you can use different skins if you sign into Facebook or Twitter but there is a glitch you can do if you go on to the site and then back click. Once you do that you can have any skin in the game!

Some good strategies for the game are, if you sprint sometimes it is easier to get the kill. If take it slow when there is mass around you and also a lot of other snakes, you will tend to get a lot more mass than the other snakes. When you are really big, you can go to the end of the map to try and avoid other snakes eliminating you. There are a lot of snakes who really want your mass so try and stay careful.


  Limax.io is also a very fun game. It is similar to Slither because again, you have to try and make people run into your body and not your head. If you run into them you, like slither, you will die. However, in this game you have to sprint in to eliminate someone. in this game, If you sprint than you will lose a lot more mass than in Slither.io.  look like with a tail, I like a pollywog, in slither you look like a snake. When you sprint this game, leave a cloud behind you for people to run into.


  Agar.io is the very first .io game. It’s a game where you start out as a really tiny cell and grow bigger and bigger. There are tiny tiny orbs all over the map that you can eat and they start you off with a little more mass so you can eat other people. You can eat someone when you’re bigger than them. You can press W to give someone else your mass when you are teaming up with them or you can press spacebar to split yourself in half to eat someone who is getting away.There are also some green spiky orbs in this game. If you are bigger than one and eat it, you will explode into a ton of mini orbs of yourself. However, you gain 100 mass.

While there are all these really cool and fun .io games, a lot of them are really weird and are just knockoffs of The Originals. A lot of them are just like Agar.io with just different images and pictures. I’m sad to inform you  that while there are so many other cool .io games out there, unfortunately my millions of fans, we have to end this blog. Until next time fellas! As always, stay moist.