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Coach Isaac

Varsity Football Coach Jonathan Isaac has been coaching at Jesuit High School for 14 years and loves it. Coach Isaac utilizes many rules onto the team for discipline that leads to maturity.

“I do enjoy coaching, the perks of it is you get to build relationships with young men and see them grow,” Coach Isaac said.

Currently, Coach Isaac is the Assistant Varsity Football Coach for the team. He helped lead Jesuit to the semifinal game last season, but sadly lost the game 35-52 to Inderkum High School. He said that game was the team’s lowest point during the season.

Highlights during the previous season were the game against Tracy High School where Jesuit won 51-14. He claimed that was their highest point during last season. Other highlights include when wide receiver John Amadi ‘17 scored a three touchdown game,defensive linemen Kyle Estipular ‘17 had a three sack game, and the game where Jesuit won 27-24 to Grant High School.

“Oh, the Grant game, that game was a good one,” Coach Isaac said. “Kyle Estipular and Connor Bellinger were exhausted after that game.”  

The next Jesuit football season however will be better because Coach Isaac wants the team to improve their coordination. Plus, the quarterback will be more knowledgeable of his surroundings and the team’s goals on offense and defense.

Coach Isaac claims that the players on Jesuit are the only people to choose whether or not to improve next season. If they decide to, they have several methods to improve. The team utilizes technology to plan, organize, and execute strategies.

“Even our equipment system is high tech, I mean we have barcodes and scan stuff,” Coach Isaac said.

To teach the players, Coach Isaac uses several methods, including drone filming to present plays made by the team. Then, Coach Isaac uses apps to replay the footage to instruct the players on how to play properly, and how not to play properly.

Even though Coach Isaac enjoys using technology, his favorite part of coaching is not the tech, it’s when he sees kids understanding the purpose of football.

“My favorite part is seeing kids grow in the understanding of football,” Coach Isaac said. “I just love the sport of football and if a kid really understands football, that’s pretty cool.”