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Coach Doug Friedman

Jesuit High School Freshman Gold Basketball Coach Douglas Friedman has gotten a lot from basketball. After starting in second grade, he played through college and even went overseas to play in Denmark. He wanted to give back to basketball and now coaches at Jesuit.

“I like to give out knowledge,” Coach Friedman said. “I like working with the team and getting them to be a team.”

He has been giving knowledge to students for two years. Coach Friedman thinks that fast breaks are important in basketball as quick points for the team and thinks it’s good to learn how to play with each other and your teammates.       

”I believe that we could have been better is if we started to learn how to play with each other sooner,” Coach Friedman said. “We took a long time to get together.”

 “As far as the players, I think my biggest thing is that  I want them to be students of the game and learn the game, study the game and not just go out there and play,” Coach Friedman said.

During the season, the Jesuit Freshman Gold Team played De La Salle High School twice, losing one game in double overtime and winning the other in single overtime. There is no room for error in basketball. These players need to really understand the game and eliminate mistakes to get those few extra points and win games.

“We lost almost 3/4 of our games by 1 or 2 point games,” Coach Friedman said. “We lost a ton of very close games.”

Coach Friedman thinks his team could have done better in the last season, but they did improve their skills by the end of the season. He values this improvement because players on his team will be able to play in the Varsity and professional.

“I honestly believe we should have been better but I think in the end now,” Coach Friedman said. “It’s how you end up and it’s how you play at the end of the season. and we get close to get where we need to be.”

They did improve… by after the start of the season they didn’t do very well because of their skills. They eventually improved on their skills during the end of the season.