Dedication to healthier food

Aidan Higgins and Sam Oliver

Ever since Jesuit High School’s Head Cafeteria Chef Chung Trang arrived to Jesuit, he has been trying to revolutionize the cafeteria food by expanding on what students eat for lunch and making healthier cafeteria food.

“[We’re] doing different foods like doing different curries, trying different flavors for them to understand that it’s different but it’s still good,” Chef Trang said.

Part of Trang’s mission involves organic healthy food that he got from local farms because he said he wants “more of a farm to fork sort of feel.” Although organic food is more expensive, Chef Trang thinks it is worth it because it is healthier and also helps him know what kind of food he is getting, food that it is free of certain antibiotics, and comes from local farms around Sacramento.

Chef Trang is expanding on what Jesuit students eat for lunch by making different foods and changing the menus every week so that there is a wide variety of food every week,and it encourages the students to try new foods.

“The menu decides on what the kids are liking what they’re not liking. I see if they want to try something new,” Chef Trang said.

While listening to a wide variety of music, Chef Trang cooks with his staff, who he credits with helping make all of Jesuits food.

“I love my staff ,my staff is awesome I couldn’t do any of the stuff I do without them,” Chef Trang said.