A new culture of coaching


Coach Doug Friedman

Since 1985, Coach Doug Friedman has been coaching basketball players everywhere from Sacramento middle school teams to professional basketball teams in Europe. Now he coaches the Red Raiders of the AAU and the Jesuit High School Freshmen Gold Basketball Team.

“They all come from different places and their coaches have different styles. It takes time to mold the players into a team,” Coach Friedman said. “All these guys were probably the best players on their middle school team and now they are adapting to a new team with new players and they are learning new things.”

The Gold team consists of half the Freshmen Basketball team. They are learning how to be more aggressive and how to play as a team and work together to get to the Junior Varsity then the Varsity team.

“The first things you need to make it to the next level is a body type, along with a certain amount of strength and quickness,” Coach Friedman said. “However, you need to put the time and the work in.”

Coach Friedman’s team played man to man defense. He believes that if you get really good at man to man defense then your zone defense will also be good. Basketball is team sport.

Coach Friedman emphasizes teamwork with their defense and their motion offense, which requires everyone to move around and share the ball to get a good shot.

“When you work hard, it’s working hard for everybody, not just what you get out of it,” Coach Friedman said.