Injuries can’t hold these athletes down

Gabriel Berry and Pablo Aguero

Jesuit High School’s Administrative Assistant Athletic Director Robin Cummings helps student athletes get back on the field from different type of injuries like dislocated fingers, hurt ankles, and joint-related injuries. She said that Jesuit rugby players sustain more injuries than any other sports, with football coming in second. For both sports, concussions specifically are a worrisome injury because they damage the brain.

“Fortunately or unfortunately we had a lot of concussions. That’s what we had to manage and treat a lot this year,” Mrs. Cummings said.

If a trainer suspects that a student athlete has a concussion, then he would have to go through an impact test that measures brain activity and compares it to the baseline, measured before the collision. After that, the staff can work with the medical team that treats him in a post injury situation, if necessary.

“We’re dealing with student athletes,” Mrs. Cummings said.” They hurt their brain but they still have to be students in the classroom.”

The trainers work with the teachers so the student athletes might not necessarily have to turn in the homework on time.  

Luckily, Jesuit has the technology to take care of these injuries and help student athletes succeed on the field and in the classroom.