Top five rock bands

Roanin Krieger and Matt Herold

Rock ‘n’ Roll is a phenomenon across the world. It is most commonly heard in America. Surprisingly, the biggest rock bands are from the UK or other foreign countries. Some foreign bands are AC-DC, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Rush.The bands below are the top five rock bands and are arranged from one to five, one being the greatest.

1. AC-DC –  a band originating in Australia in 1973, they have achieved worldwide success with their album, Back in Black, the second best selling album ever to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Their guitarist Angus Young, one of the best guitarists ever, plays with such ease almost as if he doesn’t have to try. AC-DC lost their singer Bon Scott in 1980 and replaced him with Brian Johnson. Brian Johnson brought a more refined sound that Bon Scott had not brought. Bon Scott brought dirty unrefined vocals.   

2. Led Zeppelin –  a band from London in 1968 has changed the word rock with Robert Plant’s bluesy singing, Jimi Pages masterful guitar shredding, and their jaw-dropping sing-along songs that they have created. Their songs are all amazing it is hard to pick one as the best.

3. The Beatles – a band from Liverpool, England became the world’s biggest rock band with their album ‘’Meet The Beatles’’, which has the song that changed the rock world ‘’I Want to Hold Your Hand’’. They hit america with beatlemania and started the British Invasion, which allowed The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and the Animals to enter America.

4. The Rolling Stones – a band from London who debuted in 1964, they are one of the first rock bands to have played the rock ‘n’ roll sound we know today. They blew the world away with “(I Can’t Get No)Satisfaction’’, a song with a riff that will blow one’s socks off.

5. Guns N’ Roses – a Los Angeles hard rock band formed in 1985, their debut album ‘’Appetite for Destruction’’, launched the band into unbelievable success with songs like, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, and It’s so Easy. Axl Rose’s vocal range is amazing and is complimented by Slash’s incredible guitar playing.