A perspective from the next level


Kori Collons poses with family on National Signing Day in 2015. | Jesuit Communications

As a defensive end at Jesuit High School, Kori Collons ‘15 stood out so much that he attracted the attention of the University of Nevada Reno. When Kori first got into UNR, he was a defensive end, but after a coaching change he was switched to outside linebacker. On top of this, he sustained a foot injury delaying his development into this new style of play.

You go from being a big fish in a small pond to a place where pretty much everybody was the best player at their high school,” Kori said. “Everything is so much faster, four or five times faster.”

As opposed to high school, Kori said college football is “like a job.” He can juggle academics and football because he has his priorities in order.

“Two words: time management,” Kori said. “You learn how to manage your time. Point blank, period. You learn how to get stuff done and squeeze every minute out of every day.”

Kori broke his foot twice in his Sophomore year of college and is just pulling out of rehab.

“It was harder mentally than it was physically and hard to fight the feeling of wanting to quit,” Kori said. “I wanted to give up and you know, all the doubt with being hurt and not being able to perform […] It’s hard because you want to be out there, but at the same time, you want to support your team.”

Kori is close to returning to the team and learning his new position. When asked if he was excited to start playing again, Kori said, “Absolutely.”