Inside the life of a high school baseball player


A Plus

Andrew Tilton ’18

After letting his nerves build for seven innings, the Jesuit high School Head Varsity Baseball Coach Joe Potulny ‘76 put in Andrew Tilton ‘17  for the final two innings against Bellarmine High School.

“I was a little nervous,” Andrew said. “But it was good, it was fun, I had a good time. I think we ended up winning the game, so it was good.”

Actually, the game ended in a loss for the Marauders 1-6, but Jesuit ended up winning enough games to make the playoffs.

In the playoffs, they ended up making it as a wild card team and played Del Oro High School in their first game. The first time they played Del Oro during the season they were “ten-runned,” Andrew said. “We got killed. And our pitcher didn’t pitch really well.”

In the playoffs they got within two runs, but came up short and lost 8-10.

Andrew’s favorite thing about playing was hanging out with the team on the drive to Elk Grove High School.

He thinks that there are a few guys on the team that are really annoying, but for the most part they’re all friends.

Andrew has been playing baseball for 12 years, and would like to continue playing in college and forward. He is going into Senior year, giving him one more year at Jesuit before college.

Del Oro better be ready for next year when Jesuit comes prepared.