Coach Isaac’s influence on Jesuit


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Coach Isaac

Roman Moness and Joshua Gallardo

When Jesuit High School Varsity Football Coach Jonathan Isaac was first asked by Head Coach Marlon Blanton to help coach the football team, he dropped everything.  

“I said [to Blanton], ‘Alright I’ll get my affairs in order in two weeks and I’ll move up to Sacramento,” Coach Isaac said.

Starting at the age of 19, Coach Isaac has been coaching for 14 years and has shown an avid appreciation for all aspects of football.

“I love everything about football,” Coach Isaac said. “I love the mental aspect and the physical aspect, the courage, and the athleticism.”  

It’s this sort of passion that fuels his love for the sport and motivates the players to work harder and harder.

Coach Isaac has influenced the Jesuit team in many positive ways, and has made them better because Jesuits record in the 2016 season was 9 wins and 3 losses which was better than the record of Christian Brothers last season . Jesuit’s success as a team has enabled them to travel to many different places.  

“Playing in different cities and states is a good and bad thing,” Coach Isaac said. “When you go to a different city and you are from Jesuit you don’t exactly blend in, but it’s fun to get new scenery.”

Coach Isaac’s time spent as a coach at Jesuit has made the athletes not only better players, but better people. His time here will make a resounding impact for years and years to come.