From player to coach


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Coach Isaac

Jesuit High School Varsity Football Coach Jonathan Isaac started playing football at the ripe age of 10 years old. Right after high school, the young 19 year old was called up by Jesuit’s current Head Varsity Football Coach Marlon Blanton to help out with coaching. Although many people believe that football is full of risks, Coach Isaac believes the risks are worth the reward.

“Risks are everywhere,” Coach Isaac said. “You drive a car there’s a risk in that. [I’m] not going to let fear dictate [my] life. I enjoy the sport of football because of the team aspect of it.  All 11 guys need to be working towards the same common goal of success.”

The coaching pair came to Jesuit in 2012.  Their first season here, the Marauders went 5-5 on the season in the highly competitive Delta League. The following season, the Marauders ended the regular season with a record of 8-4. Then, Coach Isaac took them to the playoffs where they ended up losing to the undefeated Folsom High School Bulldogs.

Coach Isaac is the assistant defensive back coach and the assistant offensive line coach. He contributes to the playbooks, emails them to the team and prints the hard copies, just in case anyone needs a hard copy. He also breaks down the film for the team and gives the other team film of Jesuit Football.

Coach Isaac’s favorite part of the game isn’t the sport though.

“Like I said, the team aspect, I like that,” Coach said. “Everyone has to be working together, practicing together, on the same page, in the right call, right coverage. That’s my favorite thing about football. Football brings you really close together in terms of the relationships in the game.”