Great expectations



Kyle Estipular ’17

Before the 2016 season Jesuit High School’s Varsity Rugby team had not won a Rugby High School National Championship in four years. Kyle Estipular ‘17 started playing rugby in his Sophomore year of high school because he wanted to play two sports all the through but he really wanted to win a national championship.

In Kyle’s Senior year, Jesuit went to the national championship and won.

“We trained extra hard and had a goal of winning cause we knew we could and we had the players and coaching staff to do so,” Kyle said.”When we finally achieved our goal it was an awesome feeling to bring the title back to Sacramento where it belongs.”’

Kyle doesn’t feel any pressure playing for Jesuit even though they have such high expectations.

‘’I don’t feel any pressure ‘cause I know that we have some of the best coaches in the country,” Kyle said.“I trust [all my teammates] will get the job done. Whatever team we play we’ll come out with the dub.”

Since Jesuit has such a prestigious rugby team, they end up playing teams from different countries.

‘’It was very fun to meet people from Australia and play against them, because they are known for their rugby and that’s pretty much all they do and to have that type of challenge was a great experience and it was fun to hear their accents,” Kyle said.

Kyle said that the toughest game he remembered playing in was against Danville Oaks Rugby Association.

‘’The toughest game I remember playing in was the state championship against Danville, it was a tough game because the field we were on wasn’t legit and they were definitely our best rival in California, it was also one of my first games back from my injury,.’’ Kyle said.

‘’My Sophomore I got a pretty bad concussion and in my Senior year I sprained my ankle and I was out for six weeks but other than that nothing too serious just bumps and bruises every day that you just have to deal with,” Kyle said.

Since Jesuit’s rugby team does so well they are scouted by many top colleges and often the players receive scholarships.

‘’I may continue I may not it just depends on what I get involved with in college and what I feel like doing, if I want to do a lot or if I want to take a break from sports,’’ Kyle said.

A big part of rugby is the integrity and honor of the game; both of which are important life lessons

‘’From rugby I wouldn’t say I learned life lessons  but I’ve definitely developed relationships with players and coaches that will last a lifetime,’’ Kyle said.