News Byte: Trump and Moon on North Korea’s Missiles [blog]

Darius Canuela, Academics Plus

North Korea’s nuclear program has found the attention of country leaders Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in. Both parties have agreed to meet tomorrow to discuss methods to battle the ever growing threat.

Though both parties want have eliminating the missile program as their goal, methods of confrontation show a large difference. Moon’s goal is to create a diplomatic approach to create the possibility of connecting the Korean countries allowing peace. However, Trump believes in a different approach.

“The president’s policy is to substantially increase pressure on North Korea through economic pressure as well as diplomatic pressure in order to change their calculus to have substantive talks with us once they show they’re willing to reduce the threat,” a White House official said.

Trump believes through taking out China as North Korea’s trade partner, the missile system will eventually be taken out.

Source: The Hill