Are fidget spinners dumb or amazing? [blog]

Marcos Lopez and Jack Dyer

Today we asked 20 students at Academics Plus the question that defined American culture in early 2017- “Are fidget spinners dumb or amazing?”

We thought that the majority would say that they were dumb due to the fact that they were popular in late winter to early spring, but have recently lost popularity. I thought that it wouldn’t be close- that the “dumb” category would win by a mile.

Our results, however, were surprising. 55% of people said that they were dumb, while 45% of people said that they were amazing. We would say that overall, it was pretty close. Our results aren’t the most credible, however. After all, we only interviewed 20 people, and we really only interviewed one age group. Results may differ if we interviewed a different age group. I thought of this when I remembered an Academics Plus counselor, Tyler Smith, saying, “I recently got a fidget; It was the best purchase of my life”, as everyone groaned.

Is it possible that the fidget spinner craze has migrated from a younger audience to an older audience? Will it continue to grow? Will we eventually see our parents spinning their fidget spinners as they drop us off for school? Probably not. But for now, only time will tell.