Academics Plus Newspaper: What We Do and Why


This summer, over 200 Academics Plus students partook in a journalism class. They were in charge of brainstorming, pitching, interviewing for, and writing a feature story on a part of Jesuit life that interested them. They learned clear, concise journalistic-style writing. They built their typing skills as they transcribed recorded interviews. But most importantly, the students learned responsibility and professional courtesy as they contacted their emails and watched their articles succeed and fail on their own effort and desire.

Each student, provided they were on task and cooperated with the curriculum, has completed an article which was then processed by the photographers and editors. The expectation was that students complete their feature story; the best students had time to serve as editors or write fun-filled blog posts because they worked hard.

It’s been a pleasure working with the campers and witnessing their joy of discovery, observing their growth, and certainly feeling their energy. Thanks to all who participated in newspaper this summer; your contributions are appreciated.


The A+ Newspaper Team

John Flynn – Teacher

Riley Spieler – Counselor

Max Thompson – Counselor



Krusty Krab Chronicle:

Editors: Isaiah Dunn, Sergio Alcala, Tyler Wash


Pirate Propaganda:

Photographers- Marcelo Sarin, Elijah Leatherby

Editors: Connor Stout, Colby Tickler, Parker Elizondo


Baywatch Bugler:

Photographers: Blake Rennie

Editors: Mason Benbrook, Zachary Ott


Period 4:

Photographers: Christian Covert, Max Gee

Editors: Darius Canuela