The bottom line to discipline


Sam Mayo '17 | Plank

Dean Warren in his natural habitat. | Jesuit Communications

Most people think that a Dean is out to punish you, but Jesuit High School’s Dean of students Mr. Tim Warren ‘70 is more interested in helping you learn from your mistakes.

“The only reason the dean is mean or harsh towards people is so they listen and understand what they did wrong or not proper,” Dean Warren said. “I’m not sure I’m punishing people, there’s consequences for things guys do. I just want to be sure that the consequences equal whatever happened, because the bottom line is that the guy learns.”

Dean Warren has worked for over 40 years at Jesuit. He always wants an understanding of everyone and what they are like.

“There are two ways to come here, lots of guys come to the counter, they don’t usually graduate [into my office] till it is big trouble,” Dean Warren said.

The Dean gives out consequences to help the person out with what they had done or what they are doing. When a student gets distracted by drugs, the dean will give a consequence but will also help the guy out.

“We’ll do drug education, get guys into counseling, work on guys’ grades, that kind of stuff,” Dean Warren said.

Dean Warren is not mean to people, he just wants to help out and protect all of his students.