A love for running

Gavin Bowman and Nolan Kincaid

Hunter Smith ‘19 began running track his Freshman year and has had a love for running ever since. He decided to run cross-country his Sophomore year and his running has gotten better.  

“Running has changed my life because it really gave me like a purpose and a place,” Hunter said.

In his Sophomore year, he started running two miles races, which usually took him 11-12 minutes. But now that he is more experienced and better at running, he will join the three mile races, which will take him about 17 minutes. One of Hunter’s favorite locations to run is through the forest by the American River.

“That’s the best thing about cross country,” Hunter said.

He has worked harder because of the sport because he runs for a long time and he really has to pace himself. When Hunter first started running he ran a mile in seven minutes, but now he can run one mile in six minutes.

“You run fast for a long time and it’s really a mental sport,” Hunter said.

He is really excited to run cross-country again and do summer conditioning especially since he’ll get to run near the American River.