More than success or failure


Vinnie Spence ’17, a varsity baseball player. | Jesuit Communications

Jesuit High School baseball exists to provide the prospective student athlete with a well rounded high school experience. The program consists of three teams: Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity.

“Jesuit baseball was a fun experience to be able to play as part of a team for my school and to play the game that I love so much,” said former Jesuit baseball player Matt Condrin ‘18.

Jesuits pregame routine is very precise and done on time.

“We showed up about a hour to an hour and fifteen minutes early to put on your cleats, take a team jog, play catch, long toss, go down the line, hit wiffle balls and do infield and outfield before the game.” Condrin said.

To play Jesuit baseball is a huge commitment.

Practices are every day except for game days. Games are usually two to three times a week.They traveled to San Jose, San Francisco, but most of the games were in the Sacramento area.

The history of Jesuit baseball has been very good. They have won multiple state and regional championships. But success and failure are not necessarily quantified in terms of wins, league titles, or section championships. The true measure of success is the realization of one’s full potential by using his God given abilities to the fullest.