Dedication, connection, and lots of water


Tanner Breen ’18

Jake Marr and Ben Largent

Jesuit High School student Tanner Breen ‘18 and his team found themselves 200 meters behind the competition at Lake Natoma. Then, after they strided with every inch and worked as hard as they could, they won by less than a foot of space.They believed in themselves and that paid off.

“You just have to be in tune with each other, and be able to match your fellow rowers exactly on every stroke,” Tanner, who has been rowing for a year and a half now, said.

The normal time for a race is about six minutes, thirty seconds, but when they team really determined to win, they can finish in around six minutes.

Tanner has won many competitions. But in his biggest race, the Champs race, where over 12 different boats competed to go to nationals, they missed qualifying by one spot.

In the next season, Tanner will practice every day, spending many hours on the water and on the rowing machine. Tanner isn’t just practicing to win at a high school level, he also wants to compete at the college level and get a scholarship. But before then, he will hopefully make a comeback like at Lake Natoma and qualify for nationals this year.