Loving the game

“Football is fun. I suggest playing football because it helps with making friends”, said Jesuit High School Junior Varsity football player Mauricio Murguia-Sarin ‘19, Jesuit High School Junior Varsity football player.

Mauricio’s Freshman year, the team did not lose many games, but did not win  many either.

“I think it went well because it was my first year and I really enjoyed it and I will come back this year to play again,”  Mauricio said.

In the offseason, Mauricio plays rugby for Jesuit while in the summer he does conditioning for football.

“Next [football] season I will be playing more defense because last year I did not so I will have to play harder and maybe get faster,”  Mauricio said.

Mauricio’s position right now is running back and this position as a huge impact on the team. Mauricio changing positions could change next season so that they win more or lose more.

Regardless, Jesuit football brings people together and Mauricio is still having fun playing and meeting new people.