Challenging through coaching


Coach Rotz ’92 (middle) poses with his assistant varsity coaches. | Jesuit Communications

For Jesuit High School’s Head Varsity Basketball Coach Jon Rotz ‘92, this is his second year coaching the basketball team, and he wants to challenge his players and create a positive and supportive atmosphere. He tries to push leadership, independence, and selflessness.

“That it is challenging to be a coach, but being challenged is helpful,” Coach Rotz said. “It’s definitely challenging, and… a good kind of hard. You want to be challenged in your life, because that’s when you find a lot about yourself, and that’s where the players find a lot about themselves as well.”

Coach Rotz is running a full court press playstyle next year. By pressuring the ball carriers, it creates opportunities for the opponents to make a mistake, which allows the defenders to steal the ball, and score. This is a really fast playstyle, and it gives the quicker players opportunities to get easy layups. When they get blocked, they can kick the ball out to somebody on the perimeter to shoot.

Coach Rotz likes to model the Jesuit teams off of the Phoenix Suns when Steve Nash was point guard. He also models the team off of the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs.

While coaching, Coach Rotz tries to challenge his players, and turn them into admirable people.