A midfield perspective


Sam Pettinato ’18 (middle row, far right) poses with his team. | Jesuit Communications

Samuel Pettinato ‘19 plays on the Jesuit High School Junior Varsity Red Soccer team. He is a midfielder. To those who do not play soccer, that means that he plays both striker and defense. Samuel, or what he likes to be called, Sam, is number five. Samuel will be going into his Junior year here at Jesuit. His soccer’s team history conclude with 16 wins, 4 ties, and 1 loss.

The Junior Varsity Red Jesuit Soccer Team went undefeated for nine games but sadly lost against Pleasant Grove High School 3-0 in the 10th game. In the 18th game, they got their revenge when they played against Pleasant Grove and dominated them 3-0.

Playing on the Junior Varsity Red team was “one of the best experiences” in Sam’s life because he grew a lot in soccer skills and in his personality.  He said that when he trained, he goofed off and that’s what caused his team the ties they had, but that in the end, his coaches pulled them through.           

The Junior Varsity Red soccer team won the championships. They tied four games, and won nine total. At practices, the team mostly listened to the coach, but they also goofed a lot.

Hopefully, the next season, they can go undefeated with no ties and no losses.