Engineering our lives

Connor Stout and Will Turk

The computer engineering industry has been growing exponentially since its creation.

“Because the industry can create a more powerful processor every eighteen months,” said David Grussenmeyer, a computer engineering teacher at the Jesuit High School Academics Plus program. “That has been constantly pushing this industry forward.”

The industry has been leading to some big technological breakthroughs and influencing everyday life.

“Computer engineering teaches you the concept of thinking outside the box,” Mr. Grussenmeyer said. “When you are in school you are taught to think a certain way depending on the subject. With computer engineering there are a thousand ways to solve a problem and you probably don’t know half the ways. It really lets you look at problems in your everyday life from a different perspective.”

Computer engineering is usually thought of as a place where most computer games are made. There are, however, other fields in this industry, including education.

“I wanted to contribute into a field that I felt gave back to the community and the two fields that came up were education and medical, so I chose education. I got the opportunity to work at St. Francis Elementary and I jumped on that opportunity.”said Mr. Grussenmeyer.

Overall, the computer engineering industry will keep growing, and will continue to influence education and daily life for years to come. People like Mr. Grusenmeyer will continue to teach others about the importance of this field, and to inspire future generations to greater feats.