Playing to his strengths


Elijah Berry ’17 (second from the right) poses with team members. | Jesuit Communications

As a young kid, Alumni Elijah Berry ‘17 hated soccer because of his coach but he stuck with it and is a very valuable member of the Jesuit High School Varsity soccer team, whose record was 24-2-1.

“We could have been better but we were good enough to win,” Elijah said.

Elijah plays defense.

You play what you specialize in and what you’re best at,” Elijah said. “For example, I’m a much better defender than attacker so I play defense. [But] you don’t have to be big like me, you just gotta be in shape.”

On a soccer team, players must have different strengths. Midfielders usually pass the ball down the field and have the most stamina and attackers are good at attacking and have fast short bursts of speed.

Elijah will not continue his soccer career in college because the schools that offered him a spot on the team did not have his major.

Elijah Berry has been playing for a total of 12 years and thought Jesuit had a good team, so he played for them throughout all of high school.