Former camper, current counselor


Nervous and excited, Garrett Kenison walked into his first day at camp. Garrett started Academics Plus when he was going into seventh grade. He went to Academics Plus for two years as a camper.

Garrett had fun most of the time because he liked the competition of the sports like football and basketball and liked hanging out with friends. But he never really liked swimming even “when it was one hundred degrees.”

“I just do not like getting wet,” said Garrett. “I like swimming in the ocean but I do not like pools very much.”

After completing his junior year, Garrett walks into camp for a third time but now he’s a counselor. When he walks in, he is is flooded with amazing memories of the past.

“I had already wanted to go to Jesuit and it helped me get more excited to go,” said      Garrett. “I wanted to be a counselor because I wanted to excite future marauders and get to know them and recreate the experience that I had as a camper.”