The Jesuit baseball experience


Jesuit High School Carmichael

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Jesuit High School baseball is a meaningful experience in the lives of Marauders past and present. The Head Jesuit Varsity baseball coach, Joe Potulny ‘76, has been coaching the Marauders for 31 years.

Coach Potulny has dedicated his whole life to baseball. His coaching has had a huge impact on people, especially on former Jesuit baseball player Clarence Griego ‘94. Coach Potulny has inspired Mr. Griego to be a pitching coach at Allen Hancock College.

“[He taught us] to always keep your work ethic, to always respect yours teammates, stay on task and be respectful,” Mr. Griego said.

Jesuit’s record for the 2016-2017 baseball season was 13 wins and 15 losses. The Varsity baseball team at Jesuit is ranked 253rd in the state of California, and they are ranked 2,428th out of the 26,407 high school baseball teams in the United States.

More importantly, baseball at Jesuit helps students to realize their talents in the field. Baseball can build skills in the classroom like confidence, maturity, and awareness.  

Although most of the players are exceptional, some of them were extraordinary and moved onto the MLB after attending Jesuit. Players like J.P Howell ‘01, Andrew Susac ‘09, Jerry Nielsen ‘84, Lars Andersen ‘06, and Mike Rose ‘95 chose to represent their college teams and the Jesuit legacy.