Coaching his former team


After graduating Jesuit High School, Coach Marquese Smith ‘05 got a scholarship to Sacramento State University playing football.  

“It was wonderful,” Coach Smith said. “I ended up playing as a true Freshman and I played all four years that I went to school there. I had a lot of fun times and it was really good and there competition really great.”  

Coach Smith serves a substitute teacher at Twin Rivers Unified High School, but also he is mainly coaches basketball and football here at Jesuit.

He played both football and basketball here at Jesuit. Coach Smith knows the culture and the history. He knows what it’s like to be a student here as well as an athlete at Jesuit. He feels like he can give a lot of insight for what boys are going through and feels he can help them overcome some of the obstacles they may be facing over the course of the season.

When asked about what it was like to be in an all boy school, Coach Quese responded by saying   “sometimes there is misjudgement of what it’s like.” He also said that going to this school helped him focus and there was less distractions for him. It helped him stay on top of all his work that he does and helped him stay up on all of his sport and it helped him be better at everything.