Year-round learning


Most teachers have summer off, but some like Jesuit High School Social Sciences teacher Mr. Michael Solander ‘92 choose to teach summer school. Jesuit summer school contains about 700 students who want to prepare themselves for the next year, but it also helps the teachers.

“Summer school helps me stay sharp and gives me something to do in Summer and I have lots of free time,” Mr. Solander said. “I think I am better with my family when I am working, and I balance my freetime and family time with work time.”

Mr. Solander also says that summer school “absolutely” helps students who want to bring up their grades and prepare them for the next school year.

“[Summer school] prepares you for the following year and helps you catch up on work you didn’t do well in the regular School year,” said Gustavo Levenfeld ‘18, a student attending Jesuit’s Summer school program.

Gustavo is taking a Western Cultures class where he learns about the WWI and WWII eras.  He is doing this so in his Sophomore year, he doesn’t have to take that class and has more free time.

Students attending summer school get 10 minute breaks, but no lunch. This keeps the students more on task and focused. But when Gustavo was asked if he was willing to sacrifice his 10 minute break for his lunch and he said, “Oh my God yes!”

Even though some students want a dedicated lunch break, summer school helps them prepare for the new year by challenging them and giving them a more strenuous environment, and during the regular year students will have a less stressful and easier environment.