A lifeguard’s life


At a young age, Jesuit High School student Colin O’Donnell ‘18 wanted to try swim but his mom wouldn’t let him because his other sports took up too much time. When she finally let him do swim he loved it so much he quit his other sports to focus on it.

After swimming for a while, Collin became very good at it. He decided to try other swimming sports such as water polo. He also enjoyed that sport and one summer he needed money and a job so he thought about becoming a lifeguard. He became certified and started making money.

Throughout Collin’s career as a lifeguard, he has never had to save someone. During his down time Colin usually does nothing or sits there and thinks about life. He is happy that he hasn’t had to save anybody. This is one of the many reasons why he enjoys his job.

Another reason he enjoys his job is because he gets paid significantly more than the other counselors. When asked if he would give up water sports or lifeguarding, he said he enjoys both but he would give up lifeguarding.