Out of his shell


Jesuit High School’s  confident director of admissions, Mr. Palone ‘99, was actually shy in high school.

“In high school, I was somewhat introverted,” Mr. Palone said. “I found my passion was athletics. I played basketball and soccer here at Jesuit. That’s all I wanted to do. I made sure I got my homework done and then I could be loud and crazy on the soccer field.”

At Jesuit High School, Mr. Palone was a great soccer player and won back to back championships in the Sacramento area. He went on to play at Saint Mary’s College. But he never had any dreams of playing professionally.

“I knew my limits and I didn’t get any offers,” he said.

At Jesuit, he got average grades and was not “an honors guy.” His favorite subject in high school was English class in senior year because of his teacher who let them watch movies and dissect them. Jesuit High School had a good effect on him and helped make him the man he is today.

“I enjoyed Jesuit. I grew and developed a lot through my freshman to senior years. I don’t think that would have happened at a different school,”  Palone said.

As director of admissions, he organizes events and publicizes information as well as making sure that people can apply to Jesuit easily.

During the summer, Mr. Palone works as the director of the Jesuit summer camp, Academics Plus, which incorporates academics and sports, which got him out of his shell. Now he helps shy kids do the same.