From one sport to another


After game one of the High School Rugby National Championship, Jake Vassar ‘17 and others of the Jesuit High School Rugby A Team came down with the Noro Virus. The B Team had been practicing the entire year. In Game Two of the National Championship they finally got their chance. They won 17 to 5.

“We had great subs,”Jake Vassar said. “They came in and played their hardest.”

This was probably one of their most crucial games that year. After the second game, the A Team recovered enough to have all of their players back for the rest of the National Championship. They went on to win all three games and brought the ring home to Jesuit.

Jake Vassar wasn’t always a stand out rugby player. He started on the Jesuit Junior Varsity Baseball team, but during Junior year, he knew his time in that sport was coming to an end.

“As soon as I got cut, I started rugby the next day,” Jake said.

Since Jake has been cut from the baseball team he has never looked back. He was a big part of the Jesuit Rugby A Team. Now he is going off to college at San Diego State University.  Hopefully he will take his talents to the starting lineup there.