The man, the myth, the soon to be legend


Casey Gilles (bottom left) poses with the 2016-17 varsity team. | Jesuit Communications

Casey Gilles ’18 remembers a basketball game against Christian Brothers High School. Jesuit beat the opponent on the road, 70-59. This was a big deal because the two schools are big rivals in all sports. Casey, the sharp shooter, had nine of the 70 points. The highlight of this game for him was at the end when his coach started dancing and suddenly broke his clipboard on his knee.

Casey is going into his 12th year of basketball. He has been playing since Kindergarten and he has been on Jesuit High School’s Varsity Basketball Team for two years.

“I had to work really hard, coming into Junior year,” Casey said. “I just kept working hard to play more and more. Hopefully, Senior year will be as good as Junior year.”

Casey, a shooting/point guard, had his career high 15 points. Like a lot of other players on the team, he can nail a shot from deep. But beyond improving his skills, basketball has helped him socially and academically off the court.

Despite his love and devotion to the game, Casey is not planning to use basketball to get in college.

“I am not planning on playing in college,”  Casey said, “I am planning on using my academics to get into college, not a sport.”

In the meantime, Casey still has one season ahead of him. Casey wants to live in the moment and enjoy playing basketball for Jesuit.