Editor’s Note: October 2016

Riley Spieler, Editor-in-Chief

As the new school year is at last settled and the fall’s air of change begins to stagnate ever so slightly, a reassuring constant surfaces: the Open House edition of the Plank.

There are always those things that stand out amidst change, grounding points that bring security and comfort, a way to center oneself before again moving forward.

For myself, an issue of The Plank is just that.  It’s a product of the daily efforts of myself and the guys on staff, and releasing a new issue to the public always brings me a sort of gratified inhalation, if just for a moment.

Maybe the whole “senior” thing just has me a little high strung as I plan my future and try to make the most of my last year at Jesuit, but I think it’s important for everyone to know when to take a breath and put things in perspective.

So whatever endeavours you undertake this new academic year, I wish you all the best, but also encourage you not to lose sight of yourself.  

It’s a pretty big idea for such a little editor’s note, but take from it what you will.