Editor’s Note: December 2016

Riley Spieler, Editor in Chief

So, last month a lot of people approached me about my Editor’s note.

After being hailed as the redeemer of holiday spirit, I had amassed a cult following and could not approach the public without being asked to kiss a baby.

Unfortunately, it is not my calling to wield the scales of justice and vindicate dirt cheap 720p televisions from the Thanksgiving holiday.

I am no hero, I am but a boy.  Even so, there was no escape.  As soon as threatening posters of my face were posted on the windows of Best Buy, I knew that I needed to cut it off.

I’m leaving on a journey of self-discovery.  To follow myself, I must lose those who seek to follow me.  I’m not the person to wield such influence or power.

I can only pray that my legend survives on the wind’s breath.