Jesuit celebration of Ash Wednesday and Lent


Will Helmsin, Copy Editor

On February 10th, Jesuit High School celebrates Ash Wednesday with its annual mass. Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting, and marks the first day of Lent.

Ash Wednesday signifies the start of Lent, which represents the time Jesus was challenged by the Devil in the desert. Lent is a period of time in which observers  mirror Jesus’s struggles by making a sacrifice for a period of 40 days. Additionally, on Ash Wednesday, observers are anointed with an ash cross to call to mind the historical meaning of Lent.

The experience of Ash Wednesday varies for every person, but it creates stronger relationships for those involved. For Jesuit, the Ash Wednesday Mass allows for the Jesuit brotherhood to expand their relationships and build a stronger congregation.

“Jesuit allow[s] us to gather as a community of students, parents, benefactors, faculty, and staff to begin this holy season together,” said Theology Teacher and Director of Liturgy Education Mrs. Anne Crew-Renzo.

Outside of its seasonal meaning, the Ash Wednesday Mass will provide opportunity for prayer so that attendees have period of time for to reflect on their lives, and further our understanding of religion and relationship with God.

“[Ash Wednesday] is also a time for us individually to work on bettering our relationship with God, ourselves, and others, especially our brothers here at Jesuit,” Mrs. Crew-Renzo said.

This Ash Wednesday, Jesuit will host two prayer opportunities: an 8:15 a.m. morning Eucharist, and a distribution of ashes at 12:50 p.m.